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About Me

My Background


When Mark was in preschool, his favourite time of day was when he was allowed to draw and paint. As he got older, Mark's love of art never faded and eventually he went to college to study art. Currently in his 3rd year studying (BA) Hons Painting, Drawing and Printmaking at Plymouth College Of Art.  In his teens Mark spent a lot of time at the studio of Robert Lenkiewicz on the Barbican Plymouth. This friendship led to Marks recent studies  under the tutelage of Louise Courtnell who was a pupil of Lenkiewicz for two years. She has given Mark a great deal of confidence.

My Medium


As a mixed media artist, Mark uses different mediums such as oils, charcoal and acrylics. He believes that working in a single medium is restrictive to the artistic process as each idea manifests in it's own individual style. 

The processes Mark has explored in recent years are extrapolations of the colour theories of Goethe, Itten and Albers.

It has been a continuous exploration of colour beginning  with the  colour wheel segmented into 12 equal parts.

The primary colours with their complementary and the  interaction of secondary colours making a complete rainbow plume of colour. 

My Inspiration


Mark enjoys countryside walks, often with a sketchbook in hand. Many of his pieces are directly influenced by these sketches of nature, as an artist he strives to bring an emotional presence to  landscapes and wildlife in his work. Most recently Mark has taken to exploring Abstract, Landscape and Imagery  as a vehicle to expand the emotive energy in his paintings creating a dialogue between the viewer and the object. Using the ever evolving plastic language of Rothko , bringing new and exciting emotional journeys to an ever expanding audience.

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